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Summer Sunset 1 by tp32 Summer Sunset 1 :icontp32:tp32 1 0 fun with Friends !! by tp32 fun with Friends !! :icontp32:tp32 0 0 Best Buds by tp32 Best Buds :icontp32:tp32 1 0 relaxing evening 2 by tp32 relaxing evening 2 :icontp32:tp32 0 0 relaxing evening 1 by tp32 relaxing evening 1 :icontp32:tp32 1 0 Memorial Day weekend sinset 3 by tp32 Memorial Day weekend sinset 3 :icontp32:tp32 1 0 Memorial Day Sunset 2 by tp32 Memorial Day Sunset 2 :icontp32:tp32 1 0 Memorial weekend Sunset 1 by tp32 Memorial weekend Sunset 1 :icontp32:tp32 0 0 Tree of light 3 by tp32 Tree of light 3 :icontp32:tp32 1 0 Tree of light 2 by tp32 Tree of light 2 :icontp32:tp32 3 0 Tree of light 1 by tp32 Tree of light 1 :icontp32:tp32 1 0 Velveeta Skillet meal 4 by tp32 Velveeta Skillet meal 4 :icontp32:tp32 2 0 Velveeta Skillet meal 3 by tp32 Velveeta Skillet meal 3 :icontp32:tp32 2 0 Velveeta Skillet meal 2 by tp32 Velveeta Skillet meal 2 :icontp32:tp32 0 0 Velveeta skillet meal 1 by tp32 Velveeta skillet meal 1 :icontp32:tp32 0 0 Slow Cooker Beef Stroganoff 3 by tp32 Slow Cooker Beef Stroganoff 3 :icontp32:tp32 2 1


Viking horse design 01 by Helmiruusu Viking horse design 01 :iconhelmiruusu:Helmiruusu 96 4
GT Short: Silk Snare Chapter 1
I pulled hard on my arm, held snugly by who knows what, in the tangles of a sea of silk that was closing in around me. I tugged with all my weight, backpedaling vainly against the silk shirt, as it slipped and slid beneath me. It was that- stUpid screw! It was caught on- something! It had seemed like a good idea at the time, to tie a screw to my wrist, after I had lost my long, sharp, bobble-headed pin. But now, with my head half-buried in mounds of silk and my arm completely un-budging, I couldn't understand what had gone wrong, and something had gone so wrong. I fought against the mysterious force, pinning my arm mercilessly within the folds of the slippery fabric, falling and melting around me. The first hour of this had been infuriating and ridiculous, but as the room slowly began to glow in the dim, morning light, it was starting to get a little scary. Vague panic flickered in my chest, like a fading ember, reminding me of the danger, sleeping so near by.
I turned back cautiously,
:iconhbpen:HBPen 15 4
Everything is Okay (Hug A Giant Day Story) (GT)
Everything Is Okay, Papa.
Hug a Giant Day 
After having settled his new children into his castle, King Baritorin was not liking how things were turning out. It turned out that taking the children away from Armana’s clutches had been the easy part. He had to get all of his castle workers to acclimatize to the new tiny inhabitants, in addition to getting some building modifications done in order to make it easy for his children to use to maneuver through the premises.
It was such a long and cumbersome process. Baritorin had been inhaling enough sawdust and clay from the workers outside, The modifications had to be designed and structured so that they would be safe enough for his children. But that was the least of his problems.
Many a time, servants would see the children and think they were intruders, or worse, spies. Baritorin would be informed about the presence of a disturbance, only to discover that his own children had been shut up in cages to await trial. It was traumat
:iconkaytheappreciator:KayTheAppreciator 9 9
Sakura dragoness by AlviaAlcedo Sakura dragoness :iconalviaalcedo:AlviaAlcedo 1,054 20
Underground and Underfoot Part 1 Chapter 1
Aiken rolled out of bed and hit the floor with a loud thud.  He blindly searched for the alarm by his bedside, blinking the sleep from his eyes as it blared its usual blasted tones.  Once he silenced the little monster, he stretched, popped his back, and groaned in relief.  Next, he went about his usual morning routine: getting dressed, washing his face, eating a pathetic semblance of breakfast, brushing his teeth, mussing his shoulder-length hair, and stepping out the door into the artificial light of underground tunnels.  Off to work!  Another day another dollar, as the saying went.
And today's dollar would be earned by testing out a new set of wings made by Miss Hildegard.  He wondered what she was up to right about now.
Hildegard had been up for a few hours at that point.  She hunched over her desk in the dim light of a nearby lamp.  A pair of large magnifying goggles rested on her head, waiting patiently until they were next needed.  Th
:iconcdupre:CDupre 7 0
My Brother's Keeper: Ch. 3
Chapter Three: Rediscovery
Rexathor was frozen in pure shock. He had frightened her with his sudden appearance, and now she was backing towards the edge of her leaf. The twig under her leaf made a small snapping noise and she began to scream. It was not long before she was silenced by a small splashing noise.
There was not a moment to spare. Coming out of his short trance, he lunged across the short distance, pulling off a leather glove as he went. He shot his hand into the chilled water, wincing slightly as he did so.
"No, no…" he said softly as he fished about in the water rushing away from him. His skin brushed up against some tangled weeds and felt something warm. The teen closed his hand around it and yanked it out as quickly as he could. Gently, he opened his fingers and heaved a sigh of relief. There in his hand lied an unconscious figure in drenched, graying cloth—a girl of fair complexion. Dark, wet strands of her hair flared across his hand.
"Please be alrigh
:iconbethelina:Bethelina 27 15
Out of the River by Bethelina Out of the River :iconbethelina:Bethelina 61 27 wild fire by Apofiss wild fire :iconapofiss:Apofiss 2,932 67
Return to Oz 2
The tiny shape running along the ground didn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell of reaching cover. Dean’s hand swept under it, curling around the tiny body. His fingers closed around the squirming form, effortlessly trapping it in a fist while the quietest squeak made it out of the small figure.
Dean stood back up to his full height, straightening as he lifted his hand to chest level. A perpetual frown settled on his face as he realized what he’d caught, and it wasn’t dangerous to them like his first assumption had barked at him.
Uncurling his fingers slightly so he could see into the tiny space in his hand, Dean peered in. The sight that awaited him confirmed his fears.
A tiny guy, small enough to be just a kid, was curled into a terrified ball. Little arms thinner than Sam’s did their best to cover the back of his neck.
The sight brought back so many memories for the hunter. His size alone was enough to terrify a person that stood Sam’s size,
:iconnightmares06:nightmares06 11 36
Markiplier's Big Meet and Greet 2
Markiplier’s Big Meet and Greet pt2
Jack struck a pose, phallically shaped ring on full display. “How do I look?” He gave Mark his best flirtatious look, long eyelashes batting and head sassily turning.
Mark huffed, pushing him over with a single hand. “Stupid. You should take it off before something weird happens to you, too.”
Jack frowned, steadying himself. “You’re no fun. Look, yer almost back to normal already!”
Mark convulsed, watching his own hands as he shrank back to his normal height. His skin felt warm, like he had pins and needles covering everything. The hair on his legs, arms, and head itched something awful. Other than that, it didn’t hurt nearly as much as the growing did. He grimaced at Jack, whose face was currently a mixture of disturbed and excited.
“SEE, yer just fine and dandy! I wanna try it too.”
Ten minutes went by. Then fifteen. Then security asked them to leave the hall so they could get ready
:iconinotnedloh:InotNedloh 14 7
My Prince Charming
It had been a couple months since the incident and he was feeling a lot better. Well, he had felt fine before! It was just... different now. And he didn't understand why. The young man fixed his blonde hair, staring himself down in the mirror that was much too large for him.
He looked damn good too.
Pursing his lips, he turned to the right, looking himself up and down. He narrowed his eyes before turning to the left instead, trying to see if he had a good side. Why did that matter? He felt his cheeks warm slightly.
Ugh. Take it easy. Take this slow.
Leaning down, he pulled at his white button up shirt. Crisp black pants and shiny black shoes. There seemed to be nothing wrong. He looked flawless. Scott felt like he was missing something. Something important.
Nothing important was missing.
Scott shook himself, turning to look himself face on again. Just staring at himself. Crisp blue eyes staring back at him. He needed to figure himself out. But what was there to figure out
:icongt-kathryn:GT-Kathryn 19 11
Tales of Duoko the Borrower Chapter 2
 Duoko grabbed his borrower bag that once belonged to his father and hurried through the walls. Climbing up pipes, jumping across gaps and, watching out for any rodents or bugs, Duoko finally made it to the kitchen with excitement at its peak. Duoko maybe a serious and skillful borrower but, he has his fun too.
 Hooking the handmade grappling hook to the edge of the cabinet, he climbed down the fishing line to the counter under the cabinet. Moving as steady and quick as possible. The last thing he wanted was to loose his grip and fall from this great height. It took him a full 10 minutes to make it to the counter. He whipped the line upwards and the hook detached its self from the cabinet and into Duoko's awaiting hand. 'Almost there.' Across from the counter was the center countertop and there lies the cake. He looked up, there were four hanging lights. 'If I can just hook this up there and swing then maybe I can make it.'
 Kobe laid on the bed exhausted but not quite
:iconvoovookitty-17:VooVooKitty-17 2 0
Rose Bouquet - Unlimited STOCK by Lilyas Rose Bouquet - Unlimited STOCK :iconlilyas:Lilyas 285 4 Magical Rose - Unlimited STOCK by Lilyas Magical Rose - Unlimited STOCK :iconlilyas:Lilyas 192 3 African Monarch Butterfly by RainbowFay African Monarch Butterfly :iconrainbowfay:RainbowFay 26 0
Teeny Tiny Saviour
The room was dark. Well, the entire mansion was.
Mark stood in the very centre of it, a flashlight in hand as he blinked around, trying to decipher where he was. Hiding from things was bad enough, but make those things mannequins and you had yourself a problem.
He'd hardly explored the whole place yet and all he wanted to do right now was find a safe place where he could read all the notes he was gathering. It was harder when it seemed when there was almost always a jumpscare waiting somewhere in the area for him. He just wanted to explore the mansion, get some good places down and hide until he could figure out how to win. Or at least finish the game.
It was difficult as it was.
All he had to do was take this easy. Don't think about it too much and he'd be fine. Using his flashlight, the male shone it around. There was a dusty chandelier hanging way high above him and dust particles flew as he waved his hand around.
Taking a step onto the matted and filthy rug - which smelt of
:icongt-kathryn:GT-Kathryn 11 17


Summer Sunset 2
I really like how the the sunset light hits the water. This is my 2nd favorite. This was taken on July 22nd 2017.
Summer Sunset 1
I really like how vibrant the colors are . This picture was taken on July 22nd 2017.
Shared Article from AOL: Museum uses new innovative way to send you art on demand
fun with Friends !!
I love spending time with my friends !! I also, like using the FB masks filter.
Best Buds
Honey and I, hanging out. July 11th 2017

How about if there is a huge male  dragon, that lives on the out skirts of a forrest, the forrest is full of magical creatures like Unicorns. One day the dragon captures the Unicorn because he is attracted to shiny things like her horn. He wants her for his collection of shiny things. She is afraid of him. He is lonely and wants her as a friend. They slowly become friends. He tries to get her to come out of her shell. One day he falls sick to his stomach, burping, etc.  The Dragon begs her to heal him with her horn. He lets her out of her cage.  she touches him with her horn and heals him. He thanks, her but feels torn about letting her go, because he doesn't want to be lonely. She talks him into letting her go.

If anybody would like to write this, please feel free.
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I like to read, write stories, ride horses, computers, theater, animals, sign language, giant guys, listening to music and making things in Photoshop and Photography.I also like reading clean giant stories. I like giants, size changing stories faeries,Centaurs, Griffins werewolfs and Vampires. I also like Mountain Dew and Nature

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