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I Was Gonna Be Their Father (G/t) (6)
I Was Gonna Be Their Father
Chapter 6
Victor was under his blanket and waiting for the girls to finish talking. They had been whispering but he was still able to pick up on a few of the key bits. "So Tomi has trust issues? That's a shame. They are going to be an issue for Eskra and me when the girls become part of our family.”
"Hey Victor, you promised me that I could come back up afterwards", complained Cass, pretending to be hurt.
"Here you go, sweetie", said Victor, laying his palm down once again. This time, Cass grabbed Tomi by the wrist and practically dragged her onto the giant palm that awaited them. Tomi, of course, had not appreciated the gesture but she decided not to hop back off. That would hurt Victor’s feelings.
The human duo found themselves on Victor's chest once again. This time they were both laying down underneath the blanket. The three of them were all warm and relaxed as the rain continued to hammer the orange tent. The scenario was perfect. This was t
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World Traveler by jjpeabody World Traveler :iconjjpeabody:jjpeabody 2,228 41
The Mouse and the Spider (4)
After wiping the tears from her eyes, Lira finds a better covering inside Venom's cave. She isn't one to give up, and she certainly isn't going to now as she plans to escape. There aren't spider threads, or drider threads in this case, all around the cave, just the thread that was used for her bed last night, the web blocking the door, and the large web which Lira can guess is where Venom sleeps. Near the large web there looks something like a hole, or a least a covering Lira can stay under. She holds her damaged arm carefully as she walks towards the covering, ignoring the pain going through her body with every step she takes.
Making it to the spot, it isn't a hole, but some of the rock jutting out of the wall that extends a few feet across the wall. Lira shakes her head, realizing she's comparing feet to her current size, not the actual size that it would be to someone like Venom or a human. Regardless, it sticks out far enough and wide enough that Venom couldn't easily reach her. Sh
:iconsapphirelink:sapphirelink 5 11
I Was Gonna Be Their Father (G/t) (5)
I Was Gonna Be Their Father
Chapter 5
The girls only planned to go camping for a few days, but a few days soon progressed into a month. They had been enjoying themselves with the odd family that they had met in the woods. Victor did everything according to plan. He took them out to spend the nights together and always engaged in discussions with the two girls as much as he did.
One particular night, Eskra chose not to follow them on their nightly adventures. She convinced Sam to stay back too to help her sort out some things. She never actually said what those things were. That left Victor, Cass and Tomi.
Victor had just placed his tent and his two little companions into the truck when he looked back at his house. Eskra was standing at the door, looking at him. A sly smirk crossed her face as she winked at him. Victor winked back and let out a dry chuckle as he got into the car and started the engine.
“Good luck, sweetheart”, whispered Eskra as she watched the truck di
:iconkaytheappreciator:KayTheAppreciator 3 4
GT Short: Silk Snare Chapter 3
I gasped, looking down my arm to see my screw-clad wrist, caught helplessly against the huge magnet in his fingers. All my breath left my lungs like a vacuum, my frame shrinking, as mind-numbing dread flooded me. My lungs trembled for air that just wouldn't come, my mouth hanging open in speechless terror, as I looked up, meeting his triumphant look pleadingly. I shook my head, in shock, in begging, in dread, the only word left swirling around in my shattered mind being 'no.' His brow knit incredulously and an amused smile pulled at his lips, as he scoffed, grimacing as if he was pained. “Come now,” he exclaimed, his voice lilting in laughter and gushing with condolence, “I only wanna talk to you.” Tears swam in my gaze and I panted quietly, my chest rising and falling with every breath; it was all I could do to keep from beginning to sob. “I mean you no harm, little one- after all- I did free you from my silk-snare,” he said, bending closer and lift
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Summer Garden by Grafit-art Summer Garden :icongrafit-art:Grafit-art 1,021 33
GT Short: Silk Snare Chapter 2
My arm was pinned, securely and hopelessly, within the sink-hole of silk swallowing me. There was no escaping this; I was done for, but my heart still hammered against my chest, urging me to fight, run, escape. “What in-” a thick, deep voice rumbled through me with disbelief, stopping for a moment before trailing off absentmindedly, “bloody..” Giant fingers- I was certain- began to close in on my lower half. I reeled my legs in, half clambering to my knees to crawl away and half curling into a ball, as I tugged with all my weight against the force holding my wrist within the mess of silk. “What- how?” A short chuckle, that might have been pleasant sounding, if not for the current circumstances, shattered through the air above me, reverberating through my frame like thunder. I flinched, freezing and bracing myself, as I curled up tightly and covered my head at the enormous sound. “I don't know what I should ask first,” he said, amusement t
:iconhbpen:HBPen 20 16
Exhibit A
My Lord Garinnet,
It has come to my attention that there have been reports of Mians and Humans terrorizing your people.  As your fife's foremost knight, I do believe the responsibility of dealing with these interlopers with a swift and decisive hand falls upon myself.  Yet you refuse to give me leave to remove the problem.  My fellow warriors and I are happy to and more than capable of eradicating these insects from your land once and for all.
Even now, village after village in the surrounding area falls prey to the deadly illness caused by Mian dark arts.  Will you stand idle as your people succumb to their sorcery?
In addition, the Humans have created a settlement of their own not ten miles off the south wall of Alafae.  They are leeching resources from your own lands, leaving your subjects hungry and cold.
I request once more that you give me leave to defend our Sarbithian brethren from these accursed trespassers.  If we leave this threat untouched,
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Hi Down There by GTPanda Hi Down There :icongtpanda:GTPanda 81 30 Viking horse design 01 by Helmiruusu Viking horse design 01 :iconhelmiruusu:Helmiruusu 152 7



How about if there is a huge male  dragon, that lives on the out skirts of a forrest, the forrest is full of magical creatures like Unicorns. One day the dragon captures the Unicorn because he is attracted to shiny things like her horn. He wants her for his collection of shiny things. She is afraid of him. He is lonely and wants her as a friend. They slowly become friends. He tries to get her to come out of her shell. One day he falls sick to his stomach, burping, etc.  The Dragon begs her to heal him with her horn. He lets her out of her cage.  she touches him with her horn and heals him. He thanks, her but feels torn about letting her go, because he doesn't want to be lonely. She talks him into letting her go.

If anybody would like to write this, please feel free.
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I like to read, write stories, ride horses, computers, theater, animals, sign language, giant guys, listening to music and making things in Photoshop and Photography.I also like reading clean giant stories. I like giants, size changing stories faeries,Centaurs, Griffins werewolfs and Vampires. I also like Mountain Dew and Nature

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